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ISDSI is an educational institution dedicated to teaching about sustainability. Our study abroad programs educate American students about the key issues in sustainability through a close collaboration with local communities.

The International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) is a recognized leader in innovative study-abroad programs. In 2005 ISDSI’s semester program was recognized as one of three “best practice” programs by the Institute of International Education (IIE) Andrew Heiskell Awards, and in 2006 was nominated as a UNESCO Centre of Excellence.

The program that developed into the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) was started in 1998 as an initiative of Dr. Joseph Brockington of Kalamazoo College. Developed by Mark and Dana Ritchie, who were already living in Chiang Mai and working in development, the program started its first year with six students. Since then the program has grown, and has had over 600 students from more than 50 colleges and universities in the US. ISDSI now runs fall and spring semester programs, facilitates short term programs led by faculty, and host researchers and graduate students.

ISDSI is staffed by a mix of American, Thai, Karen (Bak’en-yaw), and Hmong instructors and support staff, with a unique team-based approach to teaching — a lead instructor overseeing the course and teaching foundational seminars (in Chiang Mai and the field), and a team of field instructors leading the experiential learning activities in partnership with local community members.

Community-based learning has been a hallmark of ISDSI courses from the beginning. Rather than enter into communities with a pre-set agenda or list of lessons, ISDSI works with local communities using the principles of participatory rural development to create community-based courses. These courses combine challenging academic study with field-based learning about both local wisdom and cultural practices as well as experiential learning in the social and natural sciences. Critical to this is our deep connections to the communities we work with, and an on-going commitment to helping empower local people through the capacity building that comes from having the villagers be the experts and teachers about their own lives.

Because ISDSI courses spend extended time in the field — in remote villages and elsewhere — we have focused on a proactive approach to risk management. Borrowing heavily from the practices in wilderness expeditions and outdoor education, we have worked to combine the best of study abroad and wilderness expeditions into a unique and powerful approach to leadership, experiential learning and cultural immersion.

While Northern Thailand remains our base, ISDSI Expedition Field Courses take place throughout Thailand–from remote islands in the Andaman sea to remote tribal villages in the mountains.

ISDSI is a project of The Foundation For Experiential Learning, a 501c3 registered non-profit in the United States. To clearly separate tuition and ongoing expenses from donations, we have also set up an ISDSI LLC for tuition payments. This also supports our work in Thailand through our Thai foundation. We are registered as a non-profit foundation in Thailand under the same name, The Foundation For Experiential Learning, under the Ministry of Social Welfare, in Chiang Mai province.

If you are interested the work of ISDSI and our Foundation, please feel free to get in touch! We can be reached at [email protected].

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Fall Semester: March 15 |  Spring Semester: October 12

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