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Elephant Health Care and Conservation

Veterinary care for rescued elephants is a critical part of elephant conservation. Patara Elephant Farm is one of the few groups that is both rescuing elephants and doing a good job with elephant veterinary care and elephant reproduction in family groups. At Patara Elephant Farm Dr. Tip, their veterinarian, is working on innovative ways to care for and help conserve elephants.

These two films on elephant health care and conservation tell the story from the perspective of Dr. Tip, who is an elephant veterinarian,  and Emma, an ISDSI student who spent time learning about and caring for elephants at the Patara Elephant Farm.

Elephant Health Care and conservation

As veterinarian Dr. Tip explains in this video, rescuing elephants from poor living conditions is only the first step in elephant conservation. At Patara Elephant Farm they use a blend of both traditional knowledge of herbal medicine and modern veterinary practices to care for their elephants. The first elephant hospital designed and built with elephant reproduction as a focus, their elephant hospital also does routine health care for their elephants and other elephants in the area that are in need.

A Student’s Perspective

Emma studied at ISDSI and spent time at the Patara Elephant farm learning about elephant conservation and health care. Check out the video below where she talks about her experience and the importance of elephant conservation.


This film from the Patara Elephant farm is about more than just a place people go to learn about elephants. It is a community of Karen mahouts and their families, working with Khun Patara and Dr. Tip and their elephant hospital to care for and conserve elephants.

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