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ISDSI Film: Elephant Conservation & Ethical Tourism

Elephants have been a symbol of Thailand throughout history. Becoming semi-domesticated thousands of years ago, elephants have been used for everything from fighting wars to logging and most recently tourism. However, as time passes by there is an increasing conversation going on about the treatment of these magnificent creatures.

The idea of rehabilitating them and reintroducing them into the wild is a common one, but is it the best? With the vast majority of them being born into captivity, the idea of releasing them into a quickly depleting forest comes with extremely high risk to both them and humans. The good news is that there is an ethical answer, and it goes beyond traditional elephant conservation parks!

Watch one of ISDSI’s newest films to learn more about the unique way in which locals are leading the charge in caring for elephants at the intersection of conservation and ethical tourism.

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