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ISDSI 2.0: Accessibility

Help us make ISDSI’s building more accessible!

Our innovative and sustainable architecture has attracted international attention and coverage. We’re now ready for our second phase.

For our second phase:

  • All three floors wheelchair and mobility impaired accessible
  • Building a fully handicap accessible bathroom
  • Additional bathrooms for larger events and Ministry of Education requirements
  • Registration with the Ministry of Education

In addition to making this more accessible to more people, we will also be able to register with the Ministry of Education.  This means that in addition be being an educational NGO, we will also be able to tap into resources and opportunities through the MOE. This is a major step in making ISDSI better able to serve its current students, and to develop new programs and educational initiatives.

To do this, we need your help!  We are currently fundraising through our US 501c3 non-profit, The Foundation for Experiential Learning. We’ve already started on some of the work, and are looking for partners to help us fund it.


Below are some of our budget targets, costs, and suggestions.

All donors to the project will be recognized through a brass plate we will have engraved and mounted on one of the shipping containers on the first floor.

Project components

These are the project components with estimated costs. We already have the wheelchair lift funded, and currently are working on getting it installed.

  • Wheelchair/handicap lift: $8,000
  • Wheelchair/handicap lift installation: $9,700
  • Handicapped accessible bathroom: $5,000
  • Additional bathrooms: $15,000
  • Ramp to slab: $2,500
  • Ministry of Education Fees: $13,000

Donate Now


Tax deductible donations to support the project in Thailand can be made through our 501c3 non-profit, The Foundation for Experiential Learning via the PayPal Giving Fund.

Donate Here!


Fully compliant and accessible lift for all three floors.

Accessible bathroom

Fully accessible bathroom on ground floor.

Additional bathrooms

Built into another two shipping containers, will bring ISDSI up to code for a registered school.

MOE Registration

Registration with the Thai Ministry of Education

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Semester Deadlines

If you are interested in Spring 2022, you can apply now.

Spring Semester 2022 application deadline: October 15

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