Program Overview

Thai Language and Society

Thai Language and Society focuses on the study of Thai language and culture, as well as understanding the Thai history and society.

Course Components

Language classes: Small group language classes (3-5 students). No English is used in the classroom, and students will learn to speak, read, and write in Thai. Each morning during Block 1 students are in the classroom studying Thai, with experiential learning opportunities each week. Language instruction continues throughout the semester when students are at the institute, and Thai is used during each Expedition Field Course. Depending on the policies of the home institution, Thai may be used to meet language requirements depending on the level of proficiency achieved.

Seminars: Complementing the language classes, during Block 1 students will also have a series of seminars on Thai history, religions in Thailand, social issues and Thai geography.

Culture Learning: Building on the language classes, each week there will be small group sessions reflecting on adapting to Thai culture, culture shock, and lessons learned outside the classroom that will help students better function cross-culturally in Thailand.

Learning Outcomes

  • Conversational proficiency in Thai
  • Ability to read and write basic Thai
  • Understanding of key cultural and sociological characteristics of Thai society
  • Understanding of Thai history
  • Knowledge of principles of sustainable development
  • Knowledge of key issues in NGO development and strategies
  • Understanding and application of experiential learning principles



    Block 1

    Language classes continue on week 1 of Blocks 2-4

    Course Title

    Foundations: Thai Language and Society (Thai 300)


    6 Credits

    Academic Fields





    Market survey in Chiang Mai

    Hands-on language lessons

    Visits to local organizations, temples and schools

    Retreat weekend for staff and students


    Five (5) week homestay with a family in Chiang Mai


    Chiang Mai City (Chiang Mai Province)

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    Semester Deadlines

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    Spring Semester 2022 application deadline: October 15

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