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Site Visit

Interested in learning about our Culture, Ecology and Community Program and other opportunities at ISDSI? Join us in Chiang Mai for one of our site visits!

Next Site Visit: June 22-June 26, 2023

Our site visits are appropriate for faculty and administrators  working in study abroad. A site visit is the best way to learn about our innovative approach to community based experiential learning and the opportunities for students and faculty with ISDSI.

Opportunities at ISDSI

At ISDSI we run several types of programs, and if one of these options sounds interesting to you, please get in touch and let us know.

  • Direct enroll semester: Our flagship program — Culture, Ecology, and Community — is a program that students at any institution can enroll in for a semester. If you are interested in this opportunity for your students, let us know and we can help with program approval and enrollment.
  • Direct enroll summer program: We run a direct enroll 4 week program every summer — Agroecology and Entrepreneurship. If you are interested in this program for your students, please get in touch and we will help you with the approval process.
  • Faculty led short-term programs: We are available to help you design and run short-term faculty led programs for both summer and January term. We have experience in designing academically challenging experiential programs, as well as planning logistics, risk management, and field studies. Contact us if you are considering a program in Thailand.
  • Hosted semester programs: We also run a limited number of semester long programs for colleges and universities in the United States. If you are interested in seeing how this might work for your institution, please let us know.
  • Support for faculty research and sabbaticals: We have worked with faculty and researchers to facilitate field research, sabbatical stays, and other opportunities in Thailand. If you’re considering spending time in Thailand, let us know and we can help you figure out the best options for you, either with ISDSI or another institution in Thailand.

Annual Site Visit

Focused on ISDSI’s innovative Culture, Ecology and Community Program, our 5 day site visits dive deep into curriculum design, cultural learning, risk management, and how we keep academic quality high while engaging with local communities. Using the principle of “having the villager be the teacher” (ให้ชาวบ้านเป็นครู), participants will take part in experiential learning activities, including discussions with local community members and colleagues.

In addition to field studies, there will be ample time to explore the sights and tastes of the ancient city of Chiang Mai, get to know new colleagues from other colleges and universities, and enjoy time on your own to process and reflect.


Day 1:

  • Field Study: Chiang Mai tour
  • Lunch
  • Intro to ISDSI and campus tour
  • Thai culture and language orientation
  • Intro to experiential learning
  • Dinner

Day 2:

  • Intro to sustainable agriculture and fair trade
  • Field Study: Siamaya Chocolate Company (local artisanal Thai chocolate company)
  • Lunch
  • Field Study: Mae Sa Mai village (local coffee growers)
  • Dinner

Day 3:

  • All Day Field Study: Mae Taa Sustainable Farming Community
  • Meeting with organic farming community leaders
  • Farm to table activity and host family visits in the village
  • Dinner

Day 4:

  • Field Study: Elephant conservation
  • Lunch
  • Free time / meetings with ISDSI staff
  • Sunday Walking Street Market

Day 5:

  • Risk management and experiential learning discussion
  • Student support and working with ISDSI
  • Lunch
  • Wrap-up
  • Farewell Dinner

Interested? Email us today at [email protected]!


June 22-June 26, 2023

We can host faculty and administrators year-round.  Just get in touch with us and let us know when you want to visit.


  • ISDSI will cover the in-country costs of eligible faculty/staff.
  • Includes all food, lodging and transportation in Thailand.
  • Does not include travel expenses to/from Chiang Mai, Thailand or expenses outside of the workshop.


Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

Application Deadlines

Semester Application Deadlines: Fall – March 15 / Spring – October 15

Summer Application Deadline: April 1

After the deadline we will accept students on a space available basis, so contact us at [email protected]

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