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Organic Farming for a Sustainable Life

Food and sustainability is one of the most pressing concerns in rural Thailand. The community of Mae Ta, in Northern Thailand, has been at the forefront of a revolution in sustainably producing food while healing and restoring the earth.

The two films on organic farming tell the story from the perspective a community member, Pi Aun, and Annie, an ISDSI student who spent time living and learning from the community.

Organic farming for a sustainable life

Pi Aun is a member of the Mae Ta community of organic farmers.  Pi Aun is also active in starting and running Mae Ta’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, a partnership between farmers and consumers in Chiang Mai. In this video he explains why he has decided to farm organically, and why a sustainable life is important to him and his family.

A student’s perspective

Annie studied at ISDSI and spent time living and learning from Pi Aum and other farmers in the community of Mae Ta.  Check out her video below where she explains the lessons she learned about how to live a sustainable life.

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This film is from the Mae Ta community in Chiang Mai province, about an hour south of Chiang Mai city.  It is on the road to Lampang, and then down a small secondary road off of that. The Mae Ta community includes several villages linked together along the road, surrounded by rice fields, corn and small organic farms.


Pi Aun and the Mae Ta community are a key part of our course on Sustainable Food Systems. This course is offered each semester as a part of the People, Ecology and Development semester.

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Fall Semester: March 15 |  Spring Semester: October 12

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