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Other opportunities at ISDSI

In addition to our core work on study abroad focused on sustainability, culture and ecology, we also have additional opportunities for students and some great partner programs.

SOUtheast Asian Studies Semester

If you are an undergraduate student interested in contemporary issues in Southeast Asia, the Southeast Asian Studies Semester program is an experiential campus-based program run by ISDSI in partnership with Payap University’s Institute for Religion, Culture and Peace. Based at Payap University, this program is a deep dive into Thai culture and language, as well as an opportunity to take unique classes about contemporary issues in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Students on the program focus on understanding language, culture and society, and then can select from courses to meet their own personal interests. Issues covered in the electives include human trafficking and exploitation, comparative religion, ethnic studies, human rights, globalization and development, and other topics.

Please email us at [email protected] to learn about requirements and opportunities.

Jump over to our  Southeast Asian Semester page for more information on our semester long internship program.

Internships and independent research

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student working on a major that requires a for-credit internship or independent research, we may be able to host you for our internship / independent research program.  This is a limited enrollment program, subject to pre-approval.  Please email us at [email protected] to learn about requirements and opportunities.

Jump over to our ISDSI Semester Internships page for more information on our semester long internship program.

Faculty led programs, workshops and sabbaticals

We host faculty at ISDSI for sabbaticals, short and long term field research, and exposure / learning trips to Thailand. We can help design and host your faculty led course in Thailand as well. If you are interested in opportunities to spend time at ISDSI or to partner with us for a faculty led course, email us at [email protected]. We also are running a regular faculty site visit focused on learning about our approach to study abroad and experiential learning.  For that opportunity, please look at our Faculty Site Visit page.

Other programs we run at ISDSI

We are fortunate to partner with two great organizations and host their Thailand programs at ISDSI.

  • The University of Minnesota‘s MSID: International Development in Thailand is a great program focused on teaching students about community development through a semester at ISDSI combining coursework with a community development internship. (Jump to the MSID Student Calendar to see the current activities and schedule.)
  • Thinking Beyond Borders runs a fantastic gap-year program for students out of high school and heading to college and university. We host several groups from TBB each year, helping facilitate their learning about sustainable agriculture while living in rural homestays and learning Thai.

“I learned more in the six months I was in Thailand than I did the rest of my time as an undergraduate.”

Ashley V. | Fall, 2005

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Fall Semester: March 15  |  Spring Semester: October 12

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