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Thailand: Ecology, Culture, and Society

Fall semester, 2024

Study abroad with Lewis and Clark College in Thailand!

Experiential learning is the foundation of this semester-long study abroad program.  This is an academically challenging program, diving deep into Thai language and culture, as well as studying the ecosystems and ecologies of Thailand.

The Lewis and Clark semester in Thailand is 16 weeks long, based in the 700 year old city of Chiang Mai, and traveling to the villages of Northern Thailand, the hill tribe communities in the mountains on the Thai/Myanmar border, and the islands, coasts, reefs, and mangroves of Southern Thailand.

Classes are Monday through Thursday, with Fridays used for excursions and field studies. There will be three extended field studies of 1 week long during the semester, to a lowland Thai village, and upland indigenous community, and an archipelago in Southern Thailand.

Course 1: Thai Language  Language classes start on the first day, and continue throughout the semester. Thai is a challenging tonal language, and students will be studying daily so that they are better prepared to live and learn in Thailand (M/T/W/T)

Course 2: Thai History and Society This course focuses on the history of Thailand and Southeast Asia, as well as contemporary social issues in Thai society. This course provides the historical and social context necessary to understand the other semester courses. (M/W)

Course 3: Ecology and Sustainability in Thailand  This course focuses on the ecology of Thailand, looking at how ecosystems vary throughout the country, with a special emphasis on understanding lowland, upland, and coastal/island ecologies. (M/W)

Course 4: Lewis and Clark Elective This course is led by a Lewis and Clark professor, focusing on a topic of their choice. (T/T)

The Campus of ISDSI and Chiang Mai

One of the highlights of the Lewis and Clark program is studying on the campus of the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute. Built of 17 shipping containers, this sustainable campus has been internationally recognized and highlighted for its commitment to not just teaching about but practicing sustainability.

In addition to the main ISDSI building, the campus includes a cafe and roastery selling fair trade coffee from local coffee farmers, as well as a CrossFit gym.

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Please stop by the Overseas Office in Albany 206 for more information!

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