ISDSI Film: Voices from the Village

Wisdom from Working with the Land: Agroecology

Farming by studying natural ecosystems and working with nature rather than against it is the essence of agroecology. After turning away from traditional knowledge and practices to make money with commercial agriculture, Loong Pat was forced to reexamine how he farmed as he and his wife were getting sick from sprays and chemicals.

This films tells Loong (uncle) Pat’s story, as he takes us through his organic gardens, where plants complement each other, permaculture plantings conserve soil, and beneficial insects protect the vegetables from pests.  More than just a farmer, Loong Pat is an activist working to bring balance to the world, first on his own farm and in his own family, as he works to heal the soil and help other people on the path to sustainability.


This film is from the Mae Ta community in Chiang Mai province, about an hour south of Chiang Mai city.  It is on the road to Lampang, and then down a small secondary road off of that. The Mae Ta community includes several villages linked together along the road, surrounded by rice fields, corn and small organic farms.


Loong Pat is a key teacher on our on Sustainable Food Systems.  In this course students learn from and work with local farmers in Mae Ta who are making a difference through a new/old approach to farming.

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Fall Semester: March 15 |  Spring Semester: October 12

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