ISDSI is run by a diverse group of Americans, Thais, Karen and Hmong all committed both personally and professionally to cross-cultural learning, sustainable development and creating the best study abroad experience possible.

We draw on the rich international academic community in Chiang Mai for instructors, guest speakers and other experts for our courses. During the expedition phase of our course, students are taught by local instructors from our host communities, and accompanied by a team of Thai and American instructors who teach, facilitate and give feedback and instruction.

Leadership Team

Mark A. Ritchie, Ph.D., Executive Director/Instructor

Supawadee Chimmanee, M.A. student, Associate Director/Instructor

Angkarin Pimpaeng (Pi Tik), Associate Director/Instructor

Support Staff

Dana E. C. Ritchie, Admissions and Records

Jonas Emory, US Office Manager / School relations

Yaowalak Yanuch (Ajaan Tin), MA (Geography/Ecology), Academic Coordinator

Subongkoch Detpongs (Pi Pu), Homestay coordinator

Chonlada Chawai (Pi Noi), Office Manager

Nutchanart Jaisodsai (Pi Toi), Accountant

Sumalee Manorat (Pi Nong), Assistant Accountant

Rachel Roff, Photos and Video Production


Jason Lubanski, M.A.

Sawittree Srakaew (Pi Boom)

Anochao Potjanathamrongpong (Pi Chao)

Rodjana Nasor (Pi Toto)

Budsakorn Som-in (Pi Jiep)

Peter Duker, ISDSI Fellow

Michelle Cordell, ISDSI Fellow

Jon Hric, ISDSI Fellow

Thai Language Instructors

Wilasinee Luadkham, Thai Language Coordinator Coordinator

Pongsuwait Charoenchai

Sasithorn Som-in 

Sidhorn Sangdhanoo

Prawate Kingngeon

Pisut Prasertpan

Thongchai Chutasilp

Other Instructors

We also draw on faculty from various universities in Thailand, as well as guest speakers from a wide variety of international and local NGOs. We also host faculty and graduate students from schools in the United States and elsewhere for both teaching and research at ISDSI.

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Semester Deadlines

Fall Semester: March 15 |  Spring Semester: October 12

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