A practical hands-on course for responding to mental health emergencies

Emotional First Aid (EFA) Certification

What do you do in an emotional or mental health emergency with a team mate, staff or student? Do you know how to spot if someone is in crisis? Do you know how to respond if they are?

Announcing a 2 day training and certification in

Emotional First Aid (EFA) August 9-10, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Emotional and mental health emergencies are a growing concern, especially with international organizations that may not have immediate access to mental health professionals. Emotional First Aid training is a critical set of skills to better equip your organization and staff to deal with the increase in emotional and mental health issues facing international and educational programs.

Emotional First Aid (EFA) training will equip you to:

  • Learn how to identify people in crisis
  • Practice and learn basic helping skills
  • Know when and how to bring in professional help
  • Learn how to respond to sexual assault, substance abuse, trauma, violence and other issues.
  • Understand adolescent and young adults brain functioning and development
  • Self care strategies for your participants, students and staff
  • Learn the three levels of an emotional and mental health crisis, including how to make decisions about involving mental health professionals and evacuation from the field

This is an active and hands-on two day program, with extensive role plays and practice of the skills needed to be able to administer EFA.


(Prerequisite for Day Two Advanced Class unless previously completed an EFA Class)

  • Introductions, Groundrules, Icebreaker Exercises
  • “Generation Z” definitions, research findings, discussion
  • Mental Health 101
  • Emotional First Aid concepts and techniques
  • Mental Health Pyramid: a risk and response protocol
  • Role-Plays at all three levels of risk represented in the Mental Health Pyramid

DAY TWO: Advanced EFA

(Only open to those who have taken a Basic EFA Class or other P2 EFA training)

  • Introductions, Groundrules, Icebreaker Exercises
  • Review of Emotional First Aid concepts/techniques
  • Self-Care for Staff and Students
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (1:1 and in group)
  • Special topics in Advanced Emotional First Aid: Substance Abuse, Eating Issues, Sexual
  • Assault including role-plays
  • Table Top Exercise to test your organization’s readiness for a Mental Health crisis affecting multiple students/staff.

The course is appropriate to all levels of previous training.

  • If you or your staff are new to emotional and mental health training, this will give them the skills they need to be competent to help out in a crisis.
  • For those with experience, including mental health professionals, this is an opportunity to learn and practice some new skills, as well as be updated on the latest research and important concepts and best practices in responding to emotional and mental health issues, especially in an international setting.

Special issues facing schools, international education, volunteer organizations and others will be addressed, as well as best practice in documenting and screening participants.

P3 Mental Health Advisors

P3 Mental Health Advisors is a consulting firm working in staff training and on-call crisis management for study abroad, experiential education, gap year and other programs, both internationally and in the United States.


$500 per participant. Participants are responsible for their own travel to the training site as well as housing and food.

Host Organization

The International Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) is a leader in the field of experiential education, risk management and study abroad. In addition to its own education programs, ISDSI hosts professional courses and certifications in Travel Medicine and Wilderness First Responder.

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August 9-10, 2019

Certification Offered



Basic EFA: $300 per person

Advanced EFA: $300 per person

Basic + Advanced EFA: $500 per person

Basic + Advanced EFA: $400 if in combination with the TMFR/WFR course


ISDSI, Chiang Mai Thailand

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Semester Deadlines

Fall Semester: March 15 |  Spring Semester: October 12

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